Thursday, March 26, 2009

Everything that could go wrong…Part 2

You know, as a wife and mother, I really feel that I should leave childish things behind and start acting like an on-top-of-things, with-it adult. My parents couldn’t make the Florida trip, because they were going to my cousin Kriqui’s wedding. This left us in need of babysitter for our little bundle of joy. I thought I had found the perfect solution when I asked our bus driver, Mack Neal, to do some Lisel watching during the Florida trip.

I really should have followed up with Mack between the time I asked him and the time we arrived in Florida. But I assumed he’d be there. I mean, who would drive the bus?

When we pulled up to the hotel on Friday, exhausted from our adventures in oil changes the day before, which had not been relieved by the 4 hours of sleep at the Super Wal-mart in Gainesville the night before, I figured I’d give Mack a call and check up on the plan for that night’s show.

“Hello?” answered Mack

“Hey Mack, It’s Elizabeth,” I chirped into the phone

“Hey baby. Where are you?” he asked

“I’m in Florida.” I said, “Where are you?” I figured that to be a rhetorical question.

“I’m in Texas.” Said Mack.

It turns out that Mack’s lovely Mama, Jo, had a bit of a spell, and had been in the hospital for the last week. There never was a son as good as Mack Neal, and he had taken off work to stay with her.

Had I been a good mama, and checked in with him, I would have known this.

Another thing I didn’t do was cancel the hotel room that had been booked for my folks. While I was talking to Mack, Dave was trying to remedy this at the check in desk.

“I need to cancel this room.” he said.

“That’ll be $170 dollars.” said the man behind the desk

“But we’re not using the room! Can’t you give us a break?” pleaded Dave

“That’ll be $170 dollars.” said the man behind the desk

“We’re even for the oil thing.” said Dave when he returned to the Baby Bus, $170 poorer and one babysitter shorter.

(Luckily for us Jed Bruner, the coolest road dude ever watched, Lisel during both the Florida shows. She screamed one night, and was an angel the next. Thanks Jed!)

Dad you're awesome!


Bruce James said...

I see that you're now booked for the Birchmere in Alexandria, Va, in late August (near our anniversary!!). Do you think the baby bus will be there? Also, do you ever show off the baby at your concerts? Looking forward to seeing you this summer.

Joanna said...

She sure is a cutie pie! Dunno how you can stand it. :)