Friday, March 27, 2009

Soap Opera Excursions

While driving through Wiscosin we just happened to pass...

Young and the Restless fans holla!

I alway thought that soap operas were set in fake places, but it turns out there is, indeed, a Genoa City, Wisconsin. As Dave and I are both huge fans, we had to take a little tour. I've always loved the idea that so much sexy drama and insidious corporate underhandedness could be centered not on one of the coasts, but in a small Midwestern town. I gotta say, the real Genoa City is far less glamourous than it's daytime TV counterpart. I can't quite see the oh so European Victor Newman and his equally posh arch rival Jack Abbot hunkering down there. And there is no way anyone would choose that location to headquarter a national makeup brand like Jabot Cosmetics, unless the town had some bitchin' tax incentives.

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