Monday, March 2, 2009

PictureFest 2009!

Before I get into the promised PictureFest, I want to let you know that I've opened up the comments on this blog so that *anyone* can comment, not just gmail users. (Who knew you could change the setting on your blog. The interweb is cool!) So, comment away!

Now, PictureFest 2009!

Like I said before, Dave and I took very few pics on the road. We had 5 cameras between us (The nice Nikon, the little Canon, the even littler iflip and the two iphones) and I think we took 5 pictures total. Okay, maybe 10. We were...preoccupied. So I've had to dip into the stashes of Kevin Smith and Jobelle Smith (no relation). Kevin played bass on the tour during the Wille and the Wheel and the Willie Nelson segments of the show. Jobelle is Ruby Jane's mom and heir both rad photogs with mad skills. I will credit them for sure.

I first went through previous posts, and inserted snaps where I should have put them before. So feel free to take a walk down blogger memory lane and reread those old posts, now with pictures!

And then I just put a bunch of snaps on this post!

And now, PictureFest 2009

From the Camera of Jobelle Smith

Ruby Jane and Willie

Kevin Smith takes a pic

Two fiddlers

After the show

Ruby Jane holds Lisel for the first time

More pics on Ruby Jane's myspace

From the Camera of Kevin Smith

Mom and Dad

Trigger: A Portrait

Bass Case: A Portrait

Lisel's first show

Did I mention we played some beautiful places?

Ray and Floyd Rock

Austin City Limits is awesome!

From the Camera of Kevin Smith, taken by Mack Neal

From the many cameras of Elizabeth and Dave

Elizabeth and Ruby go all Willie Nelson!

Trigger and Suzie (Dave's guitar)

Lisel and Annie

Lisel and Willie

Coming soon (hopefully, if Dave and I can get our poop together) MovieFest 2009!


Joanna said...

All of the pictures are great. That photo of Ruby Jane and Lisel is killer, though. Wow.

kate said...

You guys were just too good! I saw the show in Utica, NY I wish you all the best with your new baby!


Mack Neal is awesome. The portrait of Willie (1/2 face) is spectacular. Thanks for adding pix to a wonderfully entertaining blog. Sleep well

chefjohn said...

congrads on becomeing a mother. what a beautiful baby you have. We are looking forward to seeing you and the guys in west palm on the 20th of mar. was wondering if anybody wanted to play golf at the pga. let me know also would love to cook for the bunch of you that friday. let me know at
take care
Chef John