Monday, March 9, 2009

We Rode With Bob -- a Picture Book-esque Blog

The following blog entry is part update, part nighttime story book, and part experiment. Ideally, I'd like to have Dave and my words complimented by photos that we've taken of our journeys and adventures. Unfortunately as I stated before, we're not the best at the picture taking. We want to be, but at the moment we're addled new parents. So here is a little story about our weekend, with pics taken straight from the interweb. Next time, we 'll take more the snaps. We promise!

Over the weekend, Mom, Dad, Baby, Nana and Grandpa all took a trip to Galveston, Texas.

The long skinny island is Galveston Island!

Mom and Dad were going to perform in the play, A Ride with Bob

The city of Galveston was really hit hard by Hurricane Ike.

Click on photo to help rebuild Galveston

In fact, most of the city suffered some degree of water damage. You still can not look anywhere in the city without seeing blue tarps on roofs and those don't even hint at the devastation caused by the flooding. The traffic lights are still not working and much of the city is still without power.

The play was to be at the Grand 1894 Opera House. The Opera House was not spared this damage but with the a super-human effort, the theater community has gotten the jewel of Galveston back on her feet.

A Texas Treasure

The whole family got to stay at Galvez. A truly fine hotel. Nana, Grandpa and baby got to chill on the veranda.

While Mom and dad performed 4 shows in 3 days.

Mom as Minnie Pearl in her pre-baby skinny days

A good time was had by all in Galveston!


I figured you deserved one picture actually taken by us!

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