Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Pure Pics for Now People

So when I was retelling the story of our weekend past, I completely forgot to mention the gig we played on Friday. Truthfully I had completely forgotten about the gig. Another addled new parent moment. Luckily, the lovely and talented Sherry Miller, wife of our bassist Dave Miller, took some snaps to remember that event by.

The gig was a part of KUHF's (Houston's Public Radio Station) Friday afternoon concert series called the Front Row. We played a three song set, and shared the stage with the awesome Invincible Czars and some equally rad child prodigy classical musician types. Those kids rocked the stage in a scary yet amazing way.

My folks were there, and they hung with Lisel while we played. Sherry took what has to be one of my favorite shots ever.

It was a sweet gig, on a sweet day, and afterwards we made our sweet way to Galveston.

Don't we look happy?

And I tell you, in that moment, we were.

Later that night, while Dave and I were acting on the stage, our daughter was having a freakout of sorts in the hotel room. She's too little to throw tvs out windows and punch holes in walls, so instead she vocalized her displeasure, which is to say she cried inconsolably all night long. I think we're all learning the limits of the baby brain...A car ride, a outdoor show, another car ride, and the lobby of a grand hotel (the Galvez lobby is rockin') it's all, well a little much for a little bean. And we a little bean's noggin get's full, the bean get's overwhelmed, and the bean must let out all that weird energy somehow.

I know all babies get overstimulated, and all babies go on crying jags, but not all babies have parents who take them to different cities everyday, who never really settle into routines, who live in a world of loud music. Dave and I are going to have to figure out how to find a new balance (no, not the running shoe kind) in our road life. How can we integrate her into our deal, without totally overwhelming her.

I don't know of any baby books that talk about this...I guess we'll be writing our own guide as we go.


Bargain Hunter said...

I found your blog surfing aimlessly around the web...what a GREAT find.

Very much enjoyed your posts from Austin, just fantastic.

Willie Nelson has long been a hero of mine and he looks to be very friendly in your photos. I like to think he's always that way, more or less, although I realize it could just be because you know him.

Great stuff, I'll look forward to visit you again.

Stinkydog said...

Dude, I'm nervous about our first trip to the HEB, so reading about Lisel's Adventures just mainly puts us in a state of awe..

write the book!


Maybe baby bean will grow up so flexible and able to adjust to most any situation because of your lifestyle.

Bruce James said...

Our daughter found a great device for calming our granddaughter. She has this soft "magic kitty" (part stuffed animal and part blanket -- only the head is stuffed) and she held it with the baby every time she nursed. The baby comes to associate the magic kitty (you can also get other animals, I think) with comfort. Now, at 13 months, she is seriously attached to her kitty and, fortunately, her parents have two of them, which are rotated.