Sunday, March 29, 2009

What happens When You Give Muscians Sharpies and Wallspace

From the Green Room of the Old Town School of Foll Music in Chicago

The Magnetic Fields! From the 69 Love Songs Tour! This is on the ceiling yo!

Neko Case signed to ceiling too!

And here's a sweet little missive from the Handsome family.

Ras Neal

Billy Joe Shaver and James McMurtry did some classic and classy hand outlining.

This is by far my favorite. Joni Mitchell's signature is cool in and of itself. Even cooler? The ongoing conversation it has inspired. It's surrounded by notes from admirers and detractors. One comment, not pictured, wanted to turn the wall into a shrine. Awesome

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Scot said...

The tradition started at the Mast House in a small town north and west of Chicago. It was owned by the Mast Family who held concerts and open stages in their magnificent home once a month. The musicians started signing their names to the open stairwell. It now holds signatures from Pete Seeger, Odetta, Etta James and other wonderful musicians. The music nights started with a group sing along, followed by an open stage and then the 'main stage' performer(s). A group of volunteers is trying to keep the tradition alive in Woodstock, IL.

The OTSFM venue you played last night (and you guys were WONDERFUL, I was at the second show) is only a few years old. Its using its original building for children's classes.