Monday, March 30, 2009

Parents/Grandparents of the super cool variety

That's what my folks are. Right now they're hanging at the Comfort Inn on the outskirts of Charlotte, MI with our baby daughter. They're pretty much stranded there on the side of the highway, as Dave and I are taking the Baby Bus to the gig. Plus, the weather is a classic "wintery mix" so there will be no strolling about outside...not that there's much to walk to by the side of the highway on the outskirts of Charlotte, MI.

They drove to Charlotte, MI with us in the Baby Bus from Chicago. What should have been a three and a half hour drive turned into a 5 hour slog through snow and rain.

And this is pretty much a typical day on the road.

What I'm saying is, my folks rock. Without them, it would be near impossible for me to stay on the road or for Dave to get to see the everday changes of his rapidly growing up baby daughter.

And without them, we wouldn't be having near as much fun as we are. Traveling with them is a blast. Three generations of family, cutting up while we're rolling down the road.

Thanks Mom and Dad.

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kate said...

So happy for you to have such great parents! I saw you at the Utica, NY show and hope to see you at the Lilac Festival, I have been spreading the word. Next for me is Willie in MA