Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Cleveland Rocks!

We had a day between Philadelphia and Ann Arbor. Our plan was to make it halfway or more. So we set our GPS's sights on a city I've only been to once before. Lovely Cleveland, OH.

We through caution to the wind and Pricelined a hotel downtown for a ridiculously low price. Dave was convinced we'd get stuck in some fleabaggy type joint. Luckily (for me, who insisted we at least try to get a. Hotel downtown) the gods of travel smiled upon us, and placed us at a Hyatt that had once been the first indoor mall in America. Built in 1890. Built to be Small scale replica of the Galleria in Milan.

When the bellhop first told us this I assumed I had heard him wrong. I mean he said "first mall" and "1890" and I was like, whatevs dude. I thought maybe he meant the first indoor mall in *Cleveland* that had built in *1967* or something. I was working on 8 hours of sleep over two days and just wanted to get to the room.

It was awfully pretty, and European train station looking. And the rooms did have mega high ceilings and looked like they could have been shops. I just figured our room had been a former Bath and Body works rather than a House of Corsets and Other Ladies Finery.

Priceline baby!

Had I left the room at all yesterday, I might have come upon the plaque that Dave found that gave the lowdown on the history of the building. (It was 1st on the Ohio registry of Historic Buildings, and 9th on the U.S registry). But I didn't. I left it up to Lisel and Dave who both intrepidly explored not only the hotel, but also Downtown Cleveland yesterday. They even went to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Not me. It was all about the bedsheets baby.

I like Cleveland. It had a nice Midwestern city vibe to it. And a huge Free stamp near our hotel.

Cleveland by car.

Today I'm feeling refreshed and ready for Ann Arbor.

(Pictures to be posted soon!)

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