Monday, May 11, 2009

Flying solo (with a baby)

I learned a little lesson on Mother's Day. I flew from Austin to Philadelphia with Lisel. Technically, since my baby was with me, I didn't fly alone. But as I as the only adult in our traveling party...hell, I'll just say it. I flew alone with a baby for the first time.

Now, there's kind of a lot to necogiate when you fly with a wee one. Even though i hsve leatned to only bting he bare neccesities, still, there's a lot. There's the car seat, stroller, diaper bag, baby, and the inevitable snackage needed to make it from one coast to the other. It's a veru doable load for one. Until you have to break it all down for security. And put it all back together again. And break it all down again for the gate check. And then put it all together again when you reach Newark. And then break it down when you leave Newark. And put it all together when you get to Philly.

It's the fact on it only having to hands that really gummed up my works.

And like I said, I learned a lesson. I didn't know it before, but there is a sisterhood of mothers and mother's to be out there. And they want to help. Everytime I found myself in the kind of jam where my best option seemed to be just laying Lisel on the ground while I gathered an assembled everything, a member of the sisterhood would step in and lend a hand.

"I know," she'd say. "I have two at home."

Again and again this happened. It was rad, and gave me a new appreciation for Mother's Day. It's not just about kids giving props to their Moms. It's also being a member of the tribe of mothers. Awesome.

Lisel flew exceptionally well. She slept. She woke up. She played. She fed. She fussed a tiny tad, but not much. She was generally fabulous. In fact, this is what most of my day was like.

To my right:

To my left:

A most precious way to spend mother's day. Snuggling with my baby.

The car ride from the airport to my friend Laura's house was a different story. The little bean does not like being alone in a backwards facing carseat. How do I know? The inconsolable screaming, that's how! Coupled with me navigating a city I'm unfamiliar word...stressin'.

Laura is one of it oldest friends. We were two of four members of the VPC. She's a scholar, a doctor (of the Phd variety) and as it turns out a baby wrangler. Check out this happy baby!

We hung out at her house during the afternoon, and she watched Lisel for half of the gig, along with her Aunt Kathleen and Chuggie Carol. Laura had to leaven halfway through the show, so Kathleen and Carol took over.

Laura and Lisel on the streets of Philadelphia

And this is where I send out my boundless thanks to both Kathleen and Carol. Lisel screamed the entirety of their post-Laura watching time. I know how nerve wracking inconsolable baby screaming can be. And Dave and I thank you deepply, from the very bottom of our parental hearts, for helping us out last night. You both could have just as easily not offered to pick up the babysitting slack. But your generous offer of your Sunday night really got us out of a jam. Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Laura, Lisel and Carol

Today we drive halfway to Ann Arbor in a rented mini van. I'm so tired, I can barely type straight. Hotel bed somewhere between Philly and Ann Arbor, here we come.

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Hot Damn, she is gettin big! and gettin' cute as momma to boot!

See y'all in Sellersville