Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Blogging Anxienty

So I'm running up against a little blogging issue, and I thought I might turn to the internet for advice. I see this blog as a chronicle, a travelogue -- a constantly updated take of my families travels on the road. And when I'm writing every day, I feel like it works. But sometimes...well sometimes the blog just doesn't get writ...Sometimes I have a baby in my arms all day, or we're traveling somewhere without interweb access, or we have interweb access and the damn pictures won't load...or, man, I'm just to tired/uninspired to write in the brief blogging window that presents itself to me.

And I get behind.

Well, then I feel the need to get caught up. But the catching up take me out of the present moment, and like I've said before it gets very "And then we...and then we..." And suddenly blogging becomes this massive chore, and when presented with my brief blogging window I become quite overwhelmed...so overwhelmed in fact, that I put off writing...which gets me further behind...you see where this is going

I certainly am not the first person to feel this, I figured I'd ask the interweb how fellow bloggers deal.

My solution now? A quick prose poem pictorial update!

Vernal Utah, land of dinosaur bones
We played at a Gun Club
and met awesome babysitters
Stephanie, Myrna and Samantha (picture to come)
I realized I was sick
Which made the 15 hour drive to Livermore, CA with the baby fun
In Livermore
my mother, father and sister met up
And we loaded into a mini-van
Next day, dropped the fam of in San Francisco
and Dave and I drove through a fairy forest to Point Arena

Then we played for people who live off the map
Then a day off in Frisco

And then to Chico
We love Chico
And the folks at the Sierra Nevada Brewery
The to Tuolumne
beautiful Tuolumne
to the Black Oak Casino
We left the baby with the fam
then 13 hours to the Dalles
to play the Granada Theater
15 hours to Salina
Utah that is
where they had a dance contest before the show
And these Dancers weren't kidding

It was like some kind of Olympic style swing dancing
Then 10 hours to Craig Colorado
Elk and Whittling Capital of the world
No seriously, the Whittling was amazing

From Craig we went to Denver, where the family was reunited!

And right now my baby, my sister and I are taking some time out between gigs to have a ladies vacation on the road. We planned on taking the baby bus and doing some camping, but then the brakes in the Baby Bus totally went out (more on that dreadfully costly bit of news later) and so we had to rework our plans. We may be hoteling it right now, but we still got our nature on with a sweet hike this morning.



El Coyote said...

Elizabeth, I believe that a blog provides a chance to read about moments that otherwise would be lost (or at least go unshared). That's different than it being a chronicle of *every* such moment.

Post when you can & what you can, and that'll do. Similar to making music, if it's forced or produced out of obligation, it's probably not going to be as good.

Personally, having 2 young kids myself, it's just great to read that you're out there with the family, makin' music.

- Wiley, drummer w/The Lowelies, Scorpio Rising, Juliana Murphy


Blog whenever you like about whatever you like. That's the beauty of blogging. Some of us think we have amazing sentences to contribute to the universe. Others like to chronicle things like family, pets, and gardens. It's whatever you want it to be. No deadlines. Fabulous.