Monday, June 8, 2009

Blogging with a sleeping baby on my lap.

It's Tuesday evening, and I'm blogging next to a passed out Lisel Blossom.

I need to do a bit of post to get caught up...sometimes I feel like I make these posts kind of tedious. They become very "and then we...and then we.." so in the interest of time (I need to finish before this bean wakes up) and my own need to avoid tedium, I'm going to use both prose and poetry in this blog.

We hung with the Red Dirt Rangers on Thursday and Friday morning. Those boys sure know what's up. They all live in the country, with all the trees and lovely sunsets and actual silence. They opened their houses to us, fed us and expanded our love of Oklahoma.

Here is Lisel with some of the Ranger girls

On Friday we played Grove
Played Tulsa Saturday
And we had super amazing babysitters
Amanda Shamblin and her man Kort
Watched our sweetness on Friday

And Rita Shamblin (Amanda's mom) joined up to help out in Tulsa.
(why didn't I get a picture !?!)
Rita is Eldon Shamblin's daughter.
Eldon played guitar for Bob Wills.
Leo Fender gave him the first Stratocaster. Ever.
And Rita grew up on the road.
Just like Lisel.
Rita traveled with her dad and mom all around the country. She told me "As long as I was with momma and daddy, I was home."
That makes my heart soar.
And it was awesome, one road baby and her daughter watching over another road baby.
Lucky. We're just damn lucky.

Sunday--by Elizabeth McQueen

The baby and I
Flew high in the sky
From Tulsa to San Diego
But Dave said I must
Drive the baby bus
I cannot go the way they go

So to Denver he went
10 hours he spent
Driving through pure countryside
Then a plane he did board
And he slept and he snored
And from Denver to Cali he flied.

P.S. I married a man who is an animal! A manimal! Because only a manimal would make a trip like he did on Sunday.

It's been a sweet Cali hang so far. And before I drift off to join my baby and (now sleeping) husband in dreamland, I want to let you know that my manimal husband comes by it completely naturally.

By which I mean, his he comes from a family whose members are up for an adventure. Today we went to dinner at my brother in-law Dev's house, and we packed 4 adults, one baby, and I gigantic labradoodle in the car. And the dog? He was in the front seat. We Dave's mom. I got a picture.

They're an amazing brood.

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Al said...

Do you realize how much I LOVE reading your blog?!?!? Keep 'em coming, sista!


byehaskel said...

Yeah for road babies!!! ;-) And road parents! (And I guess the rest of us too who are just plain parents - it's never an easy job, but an awesome one!) Miss you guys!

Gaian Reader said...

fun post... inspiring me to write a little poetry prose myself