Thursday, June 4, 2009

Gone Solid Gone

Well, we had a nice Austin vacation, but the time for hanging out is over. We're back in the baby bus, on the road, and it looks like we'll be out here for about a month.

When I write that it sounds like such a long time.

But really it's not.

At least that's what Dave and I have been telling each other. Sure, technically, it's a month away from our house, our town. But within that month there are not only gigs, but also a visit to Dave's family out in California, time off with my family and sister in San Fran, time camping between gigs with my sister in Colorado and New's a month,yes, but it's going to be a fun month.

Sure, there will be some wild and wooly times getting to, rented cars, time on the band bus with Lisel...and there will even be a three day stretch when we're away from Lisel (the distance between the gigs are just too's one of the hazards of touring in the Western part is the U.S.) but the madness will be interspersed with least we hope for relaxation.

The big news in the Baby Bus is Lisel's new carseat. We bought her the biggest, cushiest, most luxurious carseat we could find. She's a total great sport about touring, and she deserves to ride in comfort. One of my biggest parental regret is Is that we didn't get hip to the mega-sweet carseat before now. When I think of the long drives she endured in that cruddy plastic only slightly padded infant seat we had before...terrible parent doesn't even come close to what I call myself.

But I hope this makes up for my mess up.

Ladies and Gentleman, may I introduce to you, our Britax Marathon, a.k.a. Big Pink.

Yes, and when she sings in it, we'll call her songs Music from Big Pink.

We left a day early to break up the 10 hour drive from Grove, Oklahoma where we play tommorrow. We'll stay with friends tonight, then have a leisurely drive to the gig tommorrow.

The month starts now.

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Desaray said...

that is the cutest car seat and the cutest baby in the whole world


What is it going to take to get you back to the Crystal Palace? It's been years. You do realize that all the transplanted Okies would flood the theatre to see the play. Plus, we have air conditioning (unlike that barbaric theatre in San Franciso).


Please note: I would refer you to a local theatre for the play rather than the Crystal Palace which is used exclusively for concerts.

EMQ said...

Maybelline, I have no idea when we'll get back to the Crystal Palace, though I would love to play there. And I'm always up for doing the play. But the booking is something I have no control over.

And thank you Desaray!