Friday, August 21, 2009

24 hour bus ride--a poem

Sleep. Sleep. Sleep.
Truckstop. Eat.
Call the folks
The baby is sweet.
What's on tv?
Nothing, I see.
Sleep. Sleep.
I have to pee.
Feeling like a cup of coffee.
Oops, now I need to...
How soon till we stop again?
500 miles?
Can I keep it in?
Try to sleep
Try to watch tv
Is Ray watching Deal or no Deal just to torture me?
Call the folks
The baby is fine
Lay in my bunk
Distract my mind
With the interweb
Connection dead
Try to read
A book instead.
Truckstop finally!
Five pounds lighter.
Eat some food
Say goodnight. (er)
Sleep. Sleep. Pee. Sleep
Wish I were home with the baby
And that's Colorado to California for me.

-- Post From My iPhone


Joanna said...

Love the poem.

PS: Ray *is* watching Deal or No Deal just to torture you.

Bruce James said...

Sorry you're on the road without the baby. I just bought tickets for Wednesday's show in Virginia. I'm looking forward to seeing you both.

Geezerglide said...

Whats the matter with Deal or No Deal??????huh??? Dont like uncle Howie???

Bruce James said...

We loved seeing you and Lizel at the concert at the Birchmere. She is so so cute! The band played an instrumental I hadn't heard before. What was it called?

EMQ said...

We played Nuages, a Django Reinhart song! It's beautiful isn't it!

Bruce James said...

Elizabeth: Thanks for the info about Nuages. A couple of questions: Was there a plan to play it before you knew that the opening act would be playing Django Reinhart compositions, or was the decision to play it motivated by the earlier performance? Second, are there plans for AATW to record it? It was very beautiful and a bit of a change from your usual instrumentals.