Monday, August 31, 2009


Sleep! Glorious sleep! Soft pillows and sheets! Sleep! Glorious sleep! Finally lay down to sleep!

I'm feeling much better now. Mostly due to the 10, count 'em 10! hours of sleep I got last night.


Because, like I was saying, the days before that were decidely not glorious.

I think I forgot to tell you a couple of details about the trip to Denver Like the fact that Dave and I were supposed to fly out of Burlington on 6am flight. But the plane had a mechanical error. I wasn't so worried, but my more experienced in traveling partner was. He knew that in a small airport situation, if you miss your flight out, you could be stuck there all day. So he pushed for a preimptive solution. Namely, us not waiting for them to fix whatever was wrong with the plane, but instead getting them to book us on another flight out.

Which we did thank goodness. Because us not getting to Denver...not really an option. That would have been a disaster.

They booked us on another airline, which meant we had to go back and check in again. Thankfully the Burlington airport is tiny. Miniscule in fact. So there wasn't any kind of line drama.

Though we were concerned about our baggage.

Because this tiny airport had a, shall we say, decidely casual air about it. Perhaps it would better be described as a "small town" vibe. Which is my way of saying that Dave and I were not convinced that our luggage, which included my guitar, would neccsarily make it to Denver. Because ours was not the only itinerary changed. They had to reroute pretty much everyone at our gate. And the women at the desk at the gate who were doing this seemed very, very, very flustered.

Our fears were heightened by the fact that when we were rechecking in, we heard a baggage guy say over the walkie-talkie sitting on the check-in desk " uh, what do I need to do with these bags"

"You know," we told the nice lady behind the counter, " we're just going to stand here until the bags get situated"

"Great!" she said, "that will help remind me."

And you know we stayed there until we actually witnessed our bags being retagged!

The rest of the trip was blessedly uneventful. We got to Denver via Chicago, got picked up by Ray at the airport and went to the hotel to get a couple of hours of rest. Then we went to the gig, played, drove back to Denver,got to see what an almost empty Denver airport was like and boarded redeye bound for JFK. We snoozed on the plane. Got into New York at 6am. Hung out in the Jet Blue terminal, which we nicknmaed little Europe because it was so, you know, European seeming. Got massages thank to Dave's insistence. Got on the plane to Burlington. Arrived in Burlington and picked up Claire and the baby, and drove to the Trapp Family Lodge in Stowe Vermont.

That's Trapp as in Von Trapp as in the "Sound of Music" Von Trapp! As in, raindrops on roses, how do you solve a problem like Maria, high on a hill stood a lonely goatheard, the Hills are alive with the sound of music Von Trapps!


And I'll tell you all about our stay there tomorrow. Let's just say I'm a beleiver in the magic of the Trapp Family Lodge.

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Anonymous said...

Biz, sounds like you had quite a journey! Next time you're in colorado, I WILL SEE YOU!

Bruce James said...

I've noticed that AATW's schedule often defies geographic logic. Last year you had a gig in New England, ran down to Washington for Ray's testimony on Capitol Hill and a concert at the Birchmere, then you were back in New England for another gig. Who plans this stuff? Buy that person a map of the United States.