Friday, September 4, 2009

That old Von Trapp magic

Let's see, where were we? Oh yes! Dave and I had just made "the most brutal journey in my 25 years of touring." (Dave's words). Claire had just spent more than 24 hours taking care of Lisel.

Hence, we were all spent. Like, we were each down to our last physical and emotional dimes spent.

And then we got to the Trapp family Lodge.

The Trapp Family Lodge is where the Von Trapps of the Sound of Music settled after fleeing the Nazis. You know, where they ent after their countrymen bid them adieu by singing Eidelweiss. It's a beautiful Austrian type lodge in the mountains of Vermont.

Of course, Dave and I were psyched to visit Sound of Music central because it's still run by the Trapp family and hello! our daughter shares a name with the eldest daughter who at the young age of sixteen going on seventeen fell in love with an older boy who would later break her heart by siding with the Nazis.

Men. Harumph.

Anywho. We had it all planned out! We'd bring her in, and an old man would say, "what a cute a baby!" and we'd say, "thank you, her name is Lisel" and he'd say, "Lisel, that was my older sister's name." And we would be like, in with the Trapps!

So imagine our befuddlement when saw a picture of the Von Trapp kids with names beneath each kid, and there was no Lisel. Or Leisel for that matter.

Yes that's right. There never was an actual Lisel Von Trapp.

Did I just blow your mind?!!?!

Turns out the actual Von Trapp girls had names like Agathe and Hedwig...names that were not pretty enough for a major motion picture of the musical variety. So someone, somewhere, just renamed them.

Hollywood. Harumph.

But despite the ruination of our plans to bond with a famous singing family through a shared name, the Trapp family lodge treated us right. Magically right.

First they gave us a family room, which meant Claire had her own bedroom. Score!

Next? We found out we did not have two gigs. We just had one! Hooray for that, because we were so, so very tired.

Then we had am afternoon of relaxation and outdoor wonderfulness! Double score!

Then the gig was early enough for Lisel to attend some of it. Triple Score! Since she's usually hitting the hay around show time. She and Claire saw half of the show before Claire hustled her back to the lodge due to the incoming, inevitable mountain rain.

And then we got to order whatever we wanted off of their amazing menu.

And we slept in non-moving beds for the first time in 3 days!

And we woke up the next day magically refreshed.

And that's why I believe in the magic of the Trapp family.

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Bruce James said...

You write as well as you sing.