Saturday, August 1, 2009

Time off, time on

Okay, so I've thouht about this long and hard, and after some serious soul searching I'm going to make an official proclamation. When I'm working, I'll definitelybe blogging and twiitering and facebooking on the regular. when I'm off the road, here will be little to none of those things. Because I finally have to face facts. I just don't blog when I'm off.

I decided to make this official Miles and Miles of Diapers Policy after many guilt ridden blog free days this month. We only had two gigs in july. And I've only posted twice. But I've felt bad about not posting like, 28 times. Something needed to change.

I was stressin' so hard, Lisel had to take over at the wheel.

So I'm letting myself off the hook. Because the fact is that the road gives me lots of food for blog. And home, well honestly, I don't want to tell you and you probably don't want to know. Because when I'm off, I'm off. It's days at the pool and nights on the couch watching Law and Order CI (I'm a sucker for a crime drama. Did I say sucker? I meant total addict.) I play with the baby. I see friends. I hang with my folks. I try and catch upon rest, mend frayed nerves, and stay as sedentary as possible.

Dave handles home time differently thank me. For him, time off the road means time to accomplish all those schemes and dreams he came up with while driving across America. He has a side business, Any and all Media which keeps him pretty busy when we're home. He likes to play gigs and recording sessions. He's constantly working on home beautification projects. He likes to do. And I like to be. Just be Elizabeth -- mommy, friend, sister, daughter, wife, solitary individual. I made peace with our different ways of recharging long ago.

He's a busy man, mynah is.

For me, blogging is doing, not being. And I need the being time, so that when my life switches to wake up at 5am and pack up the Baby Bus with the baby and half our belongings and head out to the next gig which happens to be in the next state -- when my life becomes doing and more doing, I better have some reserve. And that's my home time.

This announcement comes a little late in the game for me, since we don't really have a lot of time off in the forseeable future. But hey, when time off appears, I'll tale a break from blogging. Because telling you about how much I love Vincent D'nofrio's quirky portrayal of detective Goren would be not only boring for you, but also stressful for me. In that situation, no one wins.

And I want us all to win, ya know.

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Carole said...

elizabeth- blogging only when you are on the road makes perfect sense to me,,,'cause after all this blog is "miles and miles..." so i always thought it was about traveling! let your home time be your time, we're just glad you share the road with us!

EMQ said...

Thanks Carole! It feels really great ti let myself off the hook.