Friday, September 4, 2009

Middletown, Connecticut--a photo journey

After Stowe, we had a day off. We decided to visit Wesleyan University in Middletown, Connecticut. Dave went there his junior year of college. Most of his fondest college memories live in this little East Coast town.

Like eating steamed cheeseburgers at O'roukes! (tim, Laura, you know what I'm talkin' bout!)

Exploring the graffiti decorated steam tunnels under the school. (thanks to Ben for helping a family out. You rock man!)

Revisiting the Mocon dining hall (I assure you, it's behind my most beloveds) where he saw the Heath Brothers and the Boomtown Rats
Oh, and where Asleep at the Wheel played one of their first gigs.

He literally walked us down memory lane. This is when having our own vehicle is especially awesome.

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Danger Dan said...

As lifelong resident of M-town and having a sister who graduated from Wesleyan, happy to see your blogpost from the "Forest City." Best wishes for safe travels, and to staying in tune and in time.

EMQ said...

We're definitely M-town fans. My only beef is that orouke's has a ridiculously small steamed cheeseburger window. We tried again today at noon and were denied!

Geezerglide said...

Worked in Middletown many many times and its one of my fave towns, especially eating at the restaurant on the river. (when its not flooded)