Thursday, September 10, 2009

East Coast Tour 2009 -- Highlight Reel, part 1

'Twas good, 'twas fun, and now it's done.

Here's a look at some of the fun
Goo Goo Clusters, The official snack of East Coast Tour 2009. When Claire and Dave stopped in Nashville on their way from Austin to Virginia, Claire's Dad hooked us up with multiple boxes. Believe me, these candy treats have miracle healing properties. They'll pick you up when your down, down, down. I think you can only get them in and around Nashville, so if you're ever passing through, stock up. And buy me a couple of boxes will ya?

Watching Claire open shows. Goosebumps people. Steady Goosebumps.

We all dug Claire.

And we really dug Jason Roberts play with Claire on the song "Tulip," which luckily for all of us will be on her upcoming record.

More highlights to come!

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