Friday, October 9, 2009

After the gig...

I run to the Baby Bus, straight from the stage. When I left Lisel with Caitlin, who we just met tonight, my baby was crying for me to come back! Please!

But I had to go to work.

So now, I run to the Baby Bus.

And the baby is asleep in the back.

And I pay the babysitter and thank her for watching our sweetness

And I sit by our child and feel my baby's chest rise and fall.

She is good. She is beautiful.

Friends come by and we visit. I stand in he door, propping it halfway open. I hear Lisel move and I excuse myself, because I need to make sure...

She is fine. She is still asleep.

And we hug our friends and say goodnight. And while Dave packs up the rest of our stuff, I lie next to my daughter.

I am a mother with her child

Who was crying when I left

And sleeping when I returned.

And whose chest is rising and falling, rising and falling, under my hand.

-- Post From My iPhone


Brad said...

My wife and I caught your show tonight in Norman. You were fantastic, especially on "I'm an Old Cowhand". We loved the show.

Andee and Donnie Knutson said...

A beautiful post.

Bruce James said...

I think there is the beginning for a good song there. Keep writing on that theme.