Thursday, October 8, 2009

I played a gig

This past Tuesday, I played a gig. It's wasn't the first non-Wheel gig I had played since Lisel's birth, but it was the first one in a long time.

Because for he past nine months, I have had zero to no interest in pursuing music outside of Asleep at the Wheel. The whole having a baby, touring with the baby and hanging with the baby thing was enough for me. And I get a good music fix every time I'm on stage with the band.

So my own thing, well it just seemed like more of a hassel than anything else.

Until last Tuesday.

I was going to play solo, but at the last minute called my friend Lauren Gurgiolo and asked her to accompany me. It was the best decision I could have made.

We've been playing music together pretty much since I moved to town, though to tell he truth, we hadn't played together in a long while.

So on Tuesday we basically just dug on each other for two hours playing some Firebrands numbers mixed with jazz standards.

And then our friend and fabulous horn player John Doyle just happened to be walking by, and just happened to be carrying his horn, and also just happened to be carrying his jug, and just happened to say yes when we asked him to sit in.

Which is how the impromtu jazz/jug/country/rock band came to be.

Thanks to my brother in-law aka, the Fatman for these pics! Do you see he jug??????! Awesome? Why yes it was.

It was like those pre-baby days in a very I heart Austin, I heart my musician community kind of way.

The baby and Dave were hanging at the crib. So there were no worries there. And for a moment, I saw how I could be both the mommy Elizabeth and the Elizabeth that was.

And it felt good.

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Anonymous said...

Yea! Newberry SC is only two hours away!

EMQ said...

Awesome! Amazing! And quite wonderful!

Gtwodagee said...

Ok, still no actual review, with sentences like " I blew that diminished 11th chord in Caravan" or "I totally forgot the bridge for You Light Up My Life".....Jazz jug?? get out, no, get in.....

EMQ said...

I don't know, can I review myself. Seems kind of weird. I would definitely give myself 4 1/2 stars And the rock/jazz jug is a thing of beauty!