Wednesday, October 7, 2009

All my rowdy friends...

It's just around 11 here at Casa Sanger McQueen. My baby is asleep. My husband is asleep. And right after I finish this post, I'll be joining them. This used to be the time when I went out. Sometimes, it was around the time I left the house. I'm a musician, so a couple of years ago at this time I would have been either playing a gig or watching one.

Yes, even on a Wednesday night. Because hello! I live in Austin, where the music happens all night every night.

I played many a Wednesday night gig that started at midnight.

Started at midnight.

I get tired just thinking about that.

Because now, 11pm is bedtime. In fact it's past bedtime.

The times they have a changed.

In truth, my going out slowed way way down a couple of years pre-baby. But still, even if I didn't always rock the midnight hour, I had the option. Because I was a slacker musician and I could sleep until 2 the next day.

But that's not me anymore. That's kind of not my life.

But it was me. It was me not very long ago.

Dude, who am I?

This evening while walking home with some friends from a impromtu baby party at my neighborhood park, I realized that I and pretty much everyone new parent I know is in this transitional phase. We're trying to figure out how to work this new existence, this parent life. Because we don't think of ourselves as parents. We think of our parents as parents and ourselves as kids. So this whole us being the responsible party thing is weird.

But by the time our kids are cognisant enough to develop long term memories -- you know, in a couple of years -- we'll be way more at home in our parentalness. And it will be hard for them to ever imagine us staying out until after the bars close, sleeping until three, living in the glorious mess of youth.

Because we'll be their parents.

It's so circle of life.

It's totally blowing my mind.

P.S.I was going to include a random wacky family shot to lively up this post, but blogger once again refused to allow me to upload a picture. I'm not going to have to switch over to wordpress am I?


Donnie Knutson said...

I hear ya !
It's 1:30 and my wife and baby are fast asleep.....yet, I'm still hearing the bus wheels roll and getting ready for sound check.
I can't sleep !

EMQ said...

I was totally inspired by our walk home! I'm feeling the in betweens these days. And isn't it weird to know you have get up and take care of a baby, but you have no desire to sleep.