Friday, November 20, 2009

Flights to Vegas

Are always a blast. The energy is all chatty and giggly as people plan to lose their money and their inhibitions.

We're headed to the great temple of the Id for a show at the Silverton Casino tonight. And even though I've lost what little desire I had to smoke cigarettes while throwing money into the bottomless pits that are slot machines (I've got no gambling luck) and the bean will be on my hip, thereby making debauchery of any kind an impossibility, I'm looking forward to Vegas.

I like the energy man. The promise of the greatest highs and the lowest lows is like a scent on the air.

Tomorrow we fly out of Vegas. Those flights are always much more subdued, filled with regret and hangovers.

But today, I feel the giddyness.

Vegas, baby.

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Geezerglide said...

I think David may have something to say on the debauchery subject too, eh? (just back from Canada)

yoxul said...

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