Thursday, December 3, 2009

Hanging with the fish

(this is a post a started two weeks ago, before we left for what was to be a wonderfully long Thanksgiving celebration during which I forwent blogging and twittering and general Internet communication of all kinds. Now we're back on the road for two weeks, opening show's for Willie Nelson on the West Coast. But I wanted to tie up the loose ends of the past before I got into the future.)

Dave took this snap in his iPhone in front of the huge aquarium right outside the Bass Pro Shop in the Silverton Casino. I dig how surreal it looks due to the seasonal addition of the huge multiple colored pumpkins. And onthe left hand corner there ate some slot machine reflections that look strikingly like jellyfish.

This picture is my fave though, with this juxtaposition of the cool hazy blue aquarium and the hot fire like colors of the casino.

Pictures from the road...

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