Sunday, December 6, 2009

What this tour is like

I feel like we're at a remove from the rest of the tour --maybe because we are. We travel in our own vehichle. Our backstage hangs are baby related rather than musician heavy. We start early and end quickly (our shows are 45 minutes long), go back to the hotel early and get to sleep by a reasonable hour.

It's a very different tour in that we're all relatively well rested.

The baby bus is like a small satelite orbiting the larger constellation of tour buses. Or maybe a small pilot fish attached the the Willie and the Wheel Whale.

It feels a bit strange, not to be in the thick of it all. At the same time I feel rested and right. Are we missing out on the comraderie of this joint tour? Probably. Am I bummed about that. Definitely. At the same time we're having other unexpected adventures in our own gypsy family way.

Like this morning. After an all night drive, we stopped at the Apricot Tree, the only restaurant for like 40 miles in the middle of a long stretch of I-5. On their walls was one of the most extensive collections of lunchboxes ever.

The owners had scoured thrift stores and garage sales for years. People, this is a decidedly pre-eBay collection. Very impressive.

Not to mention the thermos exhibit.

This tour we've traded the company of our fellow musicians for family hangs and a full nights' sleep. We traded shared tour experiences for family excursions.

And it feels a little weird.

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