Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A Ride With Bob, Kerrville and you

So, I've totally told you about the play I'm in right? It's about the life and music of Bxob Wills. I play many roles, including Minnie Pearl (yes, I do a Howdee!). Dave plays a plethora of roles. Jason Roberts is Bob Wills, and Ray is...Ray!

Well, we're putting on the play this weekend in Kerrville at the lovely Cailloux Theater. And yes, you do want to take a trip to the beautiful Hill Country to see it this weekend. You could take a day trip, or make a weekend of it!

So it's agreed. Cool. I'll see you there.


cindyred60 said...

So wanna see this, but it will have to wait. Sandy's in a play on Friday and we're off to Coronado on Saturday. Break a leg!

Geezerglide said...

Georgie & I will have to wait till the September Long Center show & anniversary bash... Woo Hoo!!!



I'll be overjoyed when you finally bring the play to Bakersfield, CA. Saw the wonderful production in San Franciso.