Thursday, January 14, 2010

Back in the Saddle

So, I'm back. After a fairly long absence from the blogosphere, I'm back.

I didn't really mean to take a break. It's just that the holidays started, and there was the travel and the family and then we had a big old break from work, and then there was the inevitable wintertime sicky...not to mention that Dave and Lisel and I started to do these outrageous things like cook meals in our kitchen and spend multiple nights in our own beds and do all our laundry...I really didn't know how many pairs of underwear I actually owned, seeing as how they were all scattered about in different bags and suitcases...and I just kind of didn't get around to blogging.

And then I realized I was on break. I and was pretty psyched.

Because really, I needed a break. From blogging. From working. From logistics. From long drives through the openess of America. From being a singing road warrior mama.

I didn't realize until I stopped for a second how utterly burnt out I was. It's not surprising, considering how 2009 went down for us. New baby. New way of approaching the road. Everything we had known was turned all upside downish and turned aroundish.

And we worked pretty hard to you know.

But the great thing about our job is that when we do have breaks. And when we have breaks, we get to be off, vacation styles. And so, I've been off.

And it felt good.

But now, I'm back. I feel rested, relaxed and best if all ready.

2010, you are welcome to bring it on.

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Geezerglide said...

Know how you feel...Holidays are great, but cant wait for another year of 40+ weeks on the road!!!

Its Jan 14 and already on my third week in hotels... (drippy Seattle)