Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Life off the Road

So, you may or may not have noticed, but I haven't exactly been talking a lot about life on the road lately.

That's because we just haven't been out there very much.

We've been home mostly. Not as in "the road is my home" but home as in home. Our house. Our neighborhood. Our city.

You know, home.

It's the first time since my maternity leave that we've had so much time at home. And really, Dave went back to work after 2 weeks, so "we've" really means "I've." And I have to say, it's been nice. Needed.

Last year kind of kicked our asses. You know, with the whole touring, baby, parenting, total life shift around and upside down thing that we had going on. I mean, don't get me wrong, it was awesome, and we feel very awesome having survived it. But by the end of of 2009 we were toasty, crispy and done!

So a break was welcomed. Warmly.

And so we're here. And we've had ample time to play with our daughter. And record a record. And join a CSA (a dream of mine for many years, always thwarted by our schedule). And cook lots of yummy and relatively healthy food. And go to the park. And sleep. And see friends we've lost touch with. And clean our house (who knew that folding laundry could produce such a satisfied feeling). And hang with my folks. And go to the farmer's market on the regular. And eat donuts at Gordoughs, the gourmet donut trailer I've been hearing about. And catch a movie. And be in bed at insanely early hours.

(I know, I've written about home before. Is it so boring to hear me wax poetic about how great it feels to put the dishes away?)

I just catch myself during these very small, some would say mundane, moments and thinking, "I am in an era. I need to savor this."

Because it's only so small and quiet compared to and because of our job. Without the Wheel, we'd both be working like mad right now, either gigging or working day jobs. Our gig allows us to have great excitement and adventure and all the exhaustion that entails when we're away. When we're home, it lets us live lives of relative leisure. We decide how to spend our days. We work on our own creative projects, or not. We rest. or not.

It's kind of awesome.

And soon we will pack everything up in our home on wheels and start driving. And we'll play and drive and sleep and eat and play and drive and sleep and eat. We'll see the country. We'll meet new people. We'll live new stories.

But right now, we're just here.



Gtwodagee said...

So what are you doing for SXSW, 12 showcases, 3 press junkets ,2 panels, and a partridge in a pear tree??? Looking forward to a bit of a hang next week, let me know when you and the fam are available.....

EMQ said...

I want to do 1 night of Southby, and a couple of day shows. I have a feeling I'll be lucky to do even that...parenthood hath changed me. And let's hang! No baby this time, but that just leaved more of Dave and I to go around!