Friday, April 2, 2010

Cute Babies Alert! SXSW Edition

One of the great things about SXSW is seeing friends from out of town.  I knew Melanie Shrawder back when I was an intern and she worked in the music department at KUT.  We hit it off immediately, hung on the regular. I played at her wedding.  They were good times. And then she and her husband moved away.

And that was sad for me.

But she almost always visits Austin for SXSW. And this year, she brought her husband and her son, Hank. Our kids played together on the lawn outside of Threadgills.

How amazing is that?



Desaray said...

who is that child? on the right? that is not your child is it? she is a million years old!

EMQ said...

Now you see why they all say "they grow up so fast."