Sunday, April 4, 2010

Why Having A Mom Who Worked Kicks Ass

My baby was sick. On the mend, but still nursing a little fever.  And I was scheduled to leave town in a couple of hours for three nights and two days.

And I felt terrible.

Because I did not want to leave my baby.

And I was debating with my mother whether or not I should take a flight to Birmingham the next day. One that got in so late that there was a good chance that I'd miss the gig should the slightest delay happen.

Or maybe I should just stay home.

And that's when my mom laid it our for me.

"You are not a bad mom. You're not shirking your responsibility to your sick child.  You're just torn, just like every working mom.  You decided to work, and when you did that you made a commitment to show up.  And you're also committed to your child.  Now there were times when you were little, and I had to go on a buying trip, and I couldn't not go just because you girls were sick.   I had to go, and so I left you with your father and your grandparents and your aunts and uncle.  And I hated having to do it, but staying home was not an option. I tried that, and it just led me down a path to depression. It wasn't healthy for me or you"

 "You are leaving her in the best hand possible, apart from you and Dave.  We know how to take care of sick babies.  I understand you're torn up, but you're the one who made the decision to work. So get on the bus and we'll see you Sunday."

And that is why my mom is totally rad.



...and she's right.

Austin Eavesdropper said...

YES! I had a working mom too, and I feel I grew up with a wonderful model. We even participated in Take Your Daughter to Work Day. :) Have to agree with Maybelline, your mother is right on.

EMQ said...

@maybelline damn straight!

@Austin Eavesdropper I got taken to work too! I love stories of other inspiring moms.