Friday, April 9, 2010

Oops! Or something funny happened on the way to the show.

So, Dave and I decided to go out on a school night and we decided to bring the baby. A family date, if you will. Our friend Amy Cook was having a CD release party for her latest CD "Let the Light In" at the hotel San Jose. The record is rad. The songs are a mix of tears in your eyes touching and hell-yeah! rock! And the singing...would that I could sing like Amy sings. It's a revelation.

Anywho, she was having CD release party at 6pm! Such a good baby friendly hour. We were so there.

Earlier that day we'd been at the park playing in the sandbox/mud box (our local park has a sandbox with a faucet in it! Mudbox!!!!) Lisel was sufficiently wet and sandy, so much so that she needed a bath, which we gave her.

And then I dressed her.

And then we went to the gig.

We were a little late. Amy had already played a short set. But there were still people hanging, and so we hung. We saw Cat and Rose and Janise and Betty Soo and a dog named Atticus. And then Lisel needed a break. She found some gravel and commenced with moving rocks from one place to another.

I saw a friend of mine (hey Heather!) and left Dave and Lisel with the rocks while I went and said got my hug and chat on. Good times.

10 minutes later Dave came up holding Lisel in his arms. I was so proud to see my family! And the Dave spoke.

"I don't wat to belittle your mothering skills or anything, but I think you forgot to diaper our daughter before we left."


"She felt really wet, and I checked and um, there's nothing there."

Ummm. Uhhhh. Oh man.

My pride transformed into major embarrassment.

Because dude, who forgets the diaper?

Me, I guess. I was just too excited about going to see a show.

My baby went commando.


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BYehaskel said...

lolololol - this MADE my day. ;-) Ah, to be human.....

marie said...

haha, I did something like this once - I put a cloth diaper on without the cover, and she ending up peeing through it and my pants.

EMQ said...

Oooo, the cloth diaper cover can be such a fakeout! It looks like she's wearing a diaper, but really she's just wearing another layer of cloth.