Tuesday, April 13, 2010

A Weekend in Pictures, Moving and Still

I got this one on Friday, sent from Claire's phone to mine. We went to Ft. Worth. Claire and Lisel stayed home. And yes, they had squash for dinner.

While they were shopping for squash, Dave and I were taking bull whip lessons from Jim Finney. Yes, we're joining in on the band wide whip craze.

Saturday was an early morning birthday party, best friend visit, two gig day. Step one, attend a 10am birthday party for a couple of awesome three year olds we know.

Step two, pick up Laura Heffernan, one fourth of the core four (my small yet powerful friend group from high school) who drove down from New Orleans to hang with the fam and do some road nannying.  Yes, I do have the most rad friends ever.

Dave needed to construct a smaller, more mobile set for the first gig, the Potluck out at Johnson's Backyard Garden.  He decided to enhance his homemade suitcase set.

Laura surreptitiously caught us on tape trying to inspire Lisel to play rock out with us.  She didn't got for it, but I think she liked our beats.

After this, the day became a bit of a blur.  2 gigs, lots of music, zero photos, three adults and one baby collapsing in heaps. The gig at the farm was loverly. The Wheel gig later was also loverly.  My bed that night was especially loverly.

Sunday was a lazy day.  And a day of firsts for the bean. It was the first day she used a spoon on her own!  (We've been working on that for months!)

And Lisel took her first independent step! We didn't get that one on camera, though I did get my daughter and my best friend roaming around the HOPE farmer's market. Sigh.

And then dinner at Justine's.  Notice my french inspired neck scarf, and Lisel's snazzy hat!

Laura went to great lengths to entertain a suddenly very tired and cranky Lisel at dinner.

And that was my weekend.  How was yours?

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