Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Some days you rock hard

Some days you rock soft.

Some days you're awake from five in the AM.  You hop a baby bus or a plane or a plane to a baby bus and you travel all the dadgum day, catch an hour for a shower in the hotel room then hightail it to the gig.  And you do all this with a baby on your hip.

Some days you're working on no sleep because your baby had a tooth popping through or a germ gone wild and you stumble through your day -- playing and feeding and clothing and changing and doing, doing, doing -- so tired that you can't wait for her to close her eyes at the end of the day so that you can close yours.

And some days you wake up at the blessed hour of 7:30, leg thrown over your husband's, a baby snuggling between the two of you.  You doze through "The Street" (the 0, N episode with the amazing Ricky Gervais and his celebrity lullaby). You wake up and have a leisurely breakfast while listening to the roughs of your record, discussing what songs need what in order to be finished. You eventually get dressed.  You leave to do a spot of recording for the Leon Rausch record and return to find your husband and your baby girl napping sweetly.  You eat a bagel and lox. You answer emails. You read blogs.  Your family wakes up and you clean the kitchen while they eat lunch. You play with your hilarious daughter. You continue to flesh out ideas with your amazing husband.

And you're just thankful for all the days. The hard ones and the easy one and all the ones in between.

Today we rock soft, so that tomorrow we may rock hard.


Sweet Jane said...

ohh yay. I'm so glad you commented over on Lights! Camera! so I could follow you back here. (and thanks so much for your awesome comment, the image of the lil pregnant lady running from her pain had me LOL at my iphone!) It's great to see another artist momma doing this thing, and doing it so beautifully. And with your hubs. Love it! I'm going to be back here often and will check out your music too.

EMQ said...

That is so cool! I've been reading Lights! Camera! Diapers for a while and truly enjoying it. Like you, I love to see and read about creative moms who work their show. Thanks so much for stopping by. And give BHB a squeeze from his Austin fans;)