Saturday, April 17, 2010

There is nothing worse...

Than getting a call first thing in the morning from your folks who are watching your 15 month old daughter telling you that she was up all night coughing and congested.

And you're on a bus rolling through the desert, and your reception keeps dropping in and out.

And they call the doctor and the doctor says it just sounds like allergies and they should give her warm milk and dark honey and a saline rinse and some allergy meds before bed...and that all sounds reasonable but you're not there so you can't judge.

Of course you trust your parents.

But today you'll be in the middle of the desert, and you think you'll have cell service for most of the day, but you know you won't have it once you leave for the gig, because the gig is truly in the middle of nowhere...and you hate being out of cell range. Especially with a coughing baby back home who probably just has allergies but still...

And you try not to freak out, but it comes in waves.

And you decide to call and check in.

Because that's all you can do.

And you call, and she seems to be doing great. And you relax a little. But you just wish you were there.

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Gtwodagee said...

Ah yes, Ray still loves to play where there aren't even nuclear waste dumps because it's so remote..since I have yet to spend a single night away from my boys(!)I have never gotten one of those calls but last week when I went to pick up Evan from pre-school and his teacher says that "he's crying and seems listless", I got a sinking feeling in the pit of the ole stomach. So I do feel your pain on a smaller scale. Now Ray, about that Iceland gig next week....

EMQ said...

Thanks Gary! I hope Evan is okay! Lisel seems to be doing much better. It's that damn Austin allergy thing. And you know, I feel like this gig has given me a really great grasp of AT&T's reach in this country. I'll tell you, they really aren't into "out of the way."