Thursday, May 6, 2010

Did I mention we're shooting a music video on Saturday?

Well we are, and I'm quite excited. 

A couple of hours ago we had a run through with the director, Emily Hagins,Emily Hagins the DP Max Kruemcke and Emily's assistant Lina Greena.  I've not done a whole lot of film-type stuff, so I was nervous-ish about taking on this project. But Emily and her crew put my mind at ease. So much so that enthusiam has taken the place of anxiety.

I'm just going to quickly mention that Emily and company are all younger than me by at least a decade but they have their stuff way more together than I ever did. Watching the three of them work made me want to hop in some kind of hot tub time machine-like device and revisit my youth. I'd be less moody, more creative, less self-involved, more involved, less fearful and way more curious.

But since I can't go back, I'll look forward. To Saturday (and beyond!)

It's a good thing, to go to bed inspired.

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