Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Sister, the Amazing Artist

So y'all know how my sister Katherine and her husband Lynn moved to Athens, Georgia.

And how I went to visit her because her incredible cross stich art was being shown in a gallery in Athens.

Well I got a text first thing the morning that sent my heart all aflutter.

It turns out that one of Katherine's pieces was chosen for the cover of Athens' weekly paper, The Flagpole.

The Cover!!!!!

Check it out.

Yes, that's right, that is a cross stitch. It's not painted. It's not computer generated. It's made of a thousand points of brilliant floss, all hand stiched by my sister. And you can't get this pattern from your local needlepoint shop, because  there is no pattern!  For all intents and purposed she did this free hand!

Because she is awesome!  Behold her awesomeness!!!!

Hey, it's my blog, and I can brag if I want to.

Katherine, I love you. And your work has always made me catch my breath. 


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