Friday, May 14, 2010

A little Tired, a little scared, a little haiku

Sitting in a room
in a city not my own
rest? work? can't decide.

This is me trying to figure out why I feel so funky right now.  I'm in Tulsa, the baby is home with Claire.  There is so much I should probably be doing right now.  Any parent knows that baby free time should be taken advantage of. But I'm exhausted. And I kind of just want to zone out. But I have so much to do. But I really want to just nap. But I should do work now that I'm without distraction. But I just want to turn off my phone and curl up in a ball for a while.

I feel like whichever path I choose, my mind will be longing for the greener pastures of the road not taken. So maybe I'll split the difference. Rest a little. Work a little.

Today may just be a grunky day.

I think it would be better if there was a smiling baby around. But we opted to not kill ourselves driving all weekend. It was supposed to be less stressful.

And yet, I am stressing myself out.


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