Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saturday We Shot a Video

And it did Rock!

I was admittedly a little nervous about taking on such a big project. Luckily for me I know people who are talented, creative, organized and totally up for the adventure.

Huge thanks to Emily Hagins, Jerry Hagins, Max Kruemke, Lina Greena, Jess, Emerald, Claire Small, Wendy Mitchell, Allison Mote, Mim Luetje, Lindsay Greene, Andrew Nafziger, Beverly Johnson, Cheryl Smith, Dave Sanger, Mike and Debra McQueen (aka Mom and Dad) and Lisel Blossom!

This was one of those above and beyond days. The kind of day that ends and still has you gushing over what a fabulous time you had. The kind of day where you realize how lucky you are.

Very lucky, thats me.

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Linda Bacon said...

Elizabeth ... what fun you guys are clearly having. And the two songs are so great. Put me down of a CD as soon as it is released. I will be in Austin June 25 - 30. I wish it were earlier so I could make a Continental Club show. Love to Dave and the toots. LInda