Sunday, June 20, 2010

Only in Texas

Tonight we played a hundred year old Dance Hall outside of Schulenberg, TX called the Swiss Alp Hall.

I love these old dancehalls. I love that they still exist. That they haven't been torn down to make room for strip malls. That people still go there on Saturday nights to dance and drink beers and listen to music and, you know, commune.

I love that when I mentioned the bands whose posters still hang in the Swiss Alp Hall -- bands like "The Moods" and "the Velvets" -- that Ray knew who they were. Because 40 years ago when he was starting out, these bands were his contemporaries.

It makes me feel such emeshed in history. I'm a part of a whole that's larger than this moment.

This is what we call a perk of the job.

***you can check out more about Texas dancehalls here at Texas Dance Hall Preservation

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