Friday, June 18, 2010

In the Spotlight!

A couple of weeks ago Lindsay Greene, Lauren Gurgiolo, Dave Sanger and I, along with guest percussionist Kyle Schneider from Deadman, were lucky enough to record a segment for the News 8's Music Spotlight series.

And today you can check it out!

Thanks to Andy Langer for having us. If you're reading this on the twitter, you rock. I hope Bonnaroo has been good to you.

And just for the record, yesterday's decision to travel to Stephenville was a good was. We all had a most excellent time.  There were slides and swings and agressive ducks and yummy barbeque and green grass to laze about on. The show was really fun. Aimee and Lisel became fast friends. These are the good times.

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Holy Crap!
That just screams breezy summertime music. Love it.