Thursday, June 17, 2010


Today we decidedto take a spur of the moment baby bus adventure up to Stephenville, TX. We were going to leave Lisel at home with Aimee Finney, but at the last moment we decided to all hop in our little house on wheels and hit the highways. The baby hadn't napped, so we knew she's sleep at least some of the way up. The gig is in a park which means Lisel can do lots of running and playing and running and playing.

And it felt damn good, opening the sliding door of the Sprinter and climbing in. It's Aimee's first time in the Baby Bus, and she was delightfully delighted. We got to show her all the ropes (rule number one in the bathroom is there is no number two) and show off our rolling home away from home.

It's just how we live these days. Totall PBE -- play it by ear. You never get too attached to your plans, you just try to flow as much as possible.

Right on.

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