Friday, June 11, 2010

The Times They Are Becoming Quite Different

So, you know how I was talking about how I was getting a little worried about the big August trip? Well, we just had a little incident that hath proved to me that my worry is well founded.

It looks like the bean isn't quite as adaptable as she once was.

She's cuter than ever of course. And still relatively adaptable. I mean, I did take her to Little Rock, Arkansas to see my extended family a couple of weeks ago. And she did great. I think we're finally mostly through the separation anxiety part of the story. Now that she's a walker (oh, yeah, did I mention she started walking? Totally great!) she seems much more confident in social situations. She was a hilarious ball-playing, face-making source of light during that visit. Just look how delightful!

And then I brought

her home and packed her up a week later to go see Dave's family out in Coronado. And again, she was an enchanting dog-playing-with, beach-going walking talking smile-maker. Observe!

So now that I think about it, this child is pretty adaptable. She's just had a little trouble getting into the swing of home. Specifically of sleeping at home.

You see, I had this brilliant plan. Dave and I are one a three day run that takes us from Olathe, Kansas to Santa Fe, NM to Palisades, CO in the span of like 72 hours. Gaaah! Rather than kill ourselves in the Baby Bus, we talked it through with Claire and decided that she and Lisel would stay home while Dave and I hit the road.

And because I know sometimes Lisel has a little trouble readjusting to home sleepy-time -- that is going from sleeping in the same room with her folks and getting in bed with us around 2 in the morning to sleeping in her own room and sleeping through the night -- I had a plan.

And my plan was to let her cry it our for the two nights between the night we got home and the night we left. She'd get back on schedule. Claire would have a perfect sleeping baby.



Dude, the first night she was up and down all night. The second night she was just up. Until 2:30am, the child stayed up. We tried to let her cry it out. She stayed up. We tried to do the comfy co-sleeping thing, she stayed up. She was keeping club-going twenty-something hours, not wee toddler hours.

She watched a movie with her dad at 1am, and stayed up for the whole thing.


Which all leads me to believe that maybe she has evolved into an itty bitty who craves routine, and who gets somewhat thrown off by it's interruption.

I can hear you out there, you parents who are now laughing and/or sighing and/or shaking your heads while thinking "Of course she craves routine. She's a little toddler! That's how they do."

But I'm surprised alright. Because for the first year of her life she had no routine, and she was quite excellent about it. Regular naptimes? Not for us! Regular feeding times? Say what?!? We rolled along and she rolled with us.

But she is bigger now. She hath evolved. And she's more used to being in one place for extended periods of time.

Last night she had another late night bout with Claire Small, who acted admirably and helped Lisel get used to being back in her room, back in her crib.

I think we're all wondering now, how is she going to be on the road.

We shall see. Oh yes we shall.


Nanny said...

You'll see. And you'll probably hear, too. :)

melfitz said...

ultimately you'll have to find a way to get her into a routine on the road. i'll tell you now though, sleeping with you all one place and then not at home is going to confuse her... toddlers can be master manipulaters... they are soooo much smarter then we give them credit for.

EMQ said...

I know! But I feel like, since it's no fault of her own that we're unpending her schedule, that the least we can be in understanding. I'm thinking that maybe I should just do a half crib/half co-sleeping thing until after the summer tour, since any schedule we get her on will be destroyed the minute we hit the road.