Thursday, July 29, 2010

Meet Me in St. Louis!

Yes. The road can be hard. It can be a damn impossible way of life in fact. Sometimes, though, the planets align.

Like yesterday. We had a day off. Tuesday we gigged in San Antonio. Today we're in Columbia, MO. And between the two? St. Louis, MO. Home of the Lazaroffs.

David Lazaroff is one of my brothers from another mother. We've know each other forever, and he was one of the first people I played music with is Austin. He has a band with his brother Jeff called, appropriately, Brothers Lazaroff. They're awesome. (They won "Best Folk Group, Untraditional" for 2009 in the St. Louis Riverfront Times Music Poll. Holla!)

Dave and I have played many a show and many a tour with the Bros Laz throughout he years. We've stayed at Jeff and his wife's Julie's lovely house notes of times. So when they invited us to dinner we instantly accepted.

You know how it is when you think things are gonna go one way, but they go a total other way that you never expected. Well I've had dinner at Jeff and Julie's house countless times. I thought I was in for. Delicious food. Excellent conversation.

But the time they have become quite different. Julie
and Jeff have a four year old, Ella, and a 19 month old, Daisy (same age as Lisel!) And we have a 19 month old named Lisel. So dinner was...

Crazytown! The best part of crazytown of course, the oh my isn't this amazing district of crazytown. Kids were up and down and crying and talking and laughing and playing and...really what did I expect right?

It ended up being a ridiculously fun night. We girls formed "Girl Team!" and as "Girl Team" we explored the baby bus.

We took a "Girl Team" group photo.

It was much better in fact, than I ever expected!

And later that night at David's house, Lisel sang on the mic for the first time.

Sometimes you just get lucky.

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