Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Back it up!

What is it about being a parent that makes a lady want to judge, judge, judge. And I don't mean the mom with the perfect hair standing over by the slide judging me because I'm letting my daughter roll around in and possible gnaw on the playground mulch (though I know she was. I could see it in her eyes). No, I mean me!

Yes, I'm a parental judger. Aren't we all really? I'm not like some moms, who inflict their judgement upon the judged (I once had a mom not so subtly suggest I get sunglasses for Lisel through a series of passive yet very aggressive comments). But inside...oh inside the judge is on!

Which is really silly since judging other parents is like a karmic taunt. It's the express train to a dinner where the main course is your words!

Like Monday in the airport. As I rule I loath the stroller culture. Not that I don't have a bitchin' hot pink jogging stroller. I totally do. But that's for walks (and occasional jogs) around the 'hood. But this thing of wheeling perfectly able kids around makes me slightly queasy. I mean, a baby, i understand. But a four year old can walk just fine

I have this image of parents hooked up to rickshaws, carrying their teenage kids through the mall.

Anywho, I especially loathe strollers in airports, and especially, especially when I'm flying solo. The jogging stroller is too cumbersome for the road so i'm left with an umbrella stroller and...just ick! Getting that thing through security..awful. Necogiating bags and a kid who often as not likes to push her own stroller...terrible.

And of course, I think any parent who is not carting around an infant, but who is still using a stroller in an airport is a total wimp.

So Monday, I set of for Louisville with a backpack, a diaper bag an toddling toddler. And it wasn't so bad. Except that though Lisel can walk, she doesn't always want to hold my hand, or walk where I want to walk. She's actually quite partial to lying down in the middle of crowded walkways. So there was a lot of me bending over and picking her up because we had to make some forward progress.

And by the end of the day, my back was a little tight, sure. But it had been along day, and our flight had been delayed and whatevs...and that night my back still hurt but I figured maybe the bed was a little hard...and yesterday it still ached a little but you know, no big...and then yesterday night around dinnertime...

OMG the Agony. The pain! I felt kinda queasy. I had to lay down.

Where was the ibuprofen!!!!

Dude, I had totally jacked my back in the airport. Who would've thunk that lifting a baby while wearing a loaded backpack and carrying and equally loaded baby bag and never once lifting with your legs could be injurious?

It never occurred to me.

Okay, so I get it! I get why every other parent uses a stroller in these situations! Kids are awesome but difficult to wrangle. And the's sensitive man!

I think these words need more salt!

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Joanna said...

So sorry about the back. But, that last line? You're a funny lady when you're in pain! 'Hope you feel better soon.

EMQ said...

The back actually improved over night. Thank God for ibuprofen;)