Thursday, August 5, 2010

Before the storm

It's about to go down. The real deal, nose to the grindstone, put your head down and grit your teeth and just GO part of the tour. That begins in about a half an hour.

None of us realized it beforehand, but the first week and a half of this monstrously long tour was actually pretty reasonable. Only one really long distance...the rest were short and sweet. We met up with friends. We slept entire nights in non-moving beds.

We had four glorious days in the same area which meant daytime rambles and early nights and dinner with friends (Shout out to Stuart, Rachel Allegra and Theo! Lisel loves her puppies, and I dreamt about Greek yogurt with honey and toasted walnuts last night!). We're (gasp) all rested and relaxed and what not. It almost seems wrong to feel his good on the road. Almost.

But in about 30 minutes the real tour starts. We thought we had until tonight, after the show, but we're playing the Wisconsin State Fair tonight and all the rooms in our hotel still aren't ready. The whole band needs to be at sound check today, which is not how things normally work. Normally, we get to skip sound check, which works out very well in the resting up before a long haul department.

Anywho, being at sound check means we'll be spending all day at the fair. Which don't get me wrong, is mostly rad. Lisel will get to see cows and goats and we'll all get to choose what kind of food on a stick we want to eat (the chocolate covered bacon sounds intriguing) and we'll all try the famous cream puffs and maybe even ride some rides.

But in the resting up before a long haul department we will be, um, out of luck.

From now on there are very few drives under 4 hours. There are long, long, thousand mile hauls. There are lots of gigs, one right after the other.

And we're all a little nervous.

Last night, after we heard about the sound check situation, Dave and I immediately started fighting. Over nothing really. We just started jumping each other's shit over perceived minuscule slights. And after about 20 minutes of this we both had to admit that the real issue was that we were just on edge. We hadn't planned on spending all day at the fair. We had planned on one more low key hotel hang before the marathon began.

So now, everyone in the baby bus is napping, or blogging, or staring out the window. We're all taking a little time to ourselves. In 15 minutes we leave for the fair.

Let the real tour begin!

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