Saturday, August 7, 2010

What did you eat at the Fair


I ate

Roasted Corn!

I ate

Chocolate covered bacon. But I didn't try the Fried PB&J. Ray took that one on.

I ate

a famous Wisconsin State Fair Cream Puff!

Did you know these puffs have their own pavilion?!?!?

And you have to stand in a huge line to get them

It's Cream Puff madness!

I didn't eat the Krispy Kreme chocolate covered bacon cheeseburger!

Which presumably looks like this.

I hear they have these in Austin. From whence did this insanity spring?

And what did you see at the fair?

I saw


I saw


Did you have a good time at the fair?

Yes I did.

That's me and Harry Bowen of Was (not Was) fame. He sings with Lyle Lovett (who we opened for) dances every second he can and is awesome at all times!

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