Saturday, August 21, 2010

Eyes off the Prize

We're in the middle of crunch time. The old home stretch. We can just barely see the finish line in the distance.

In a week and a half, we'll be done with this part of the tour.

And we are all feeling it. We're crispity crunchety. We're all a little more sensitive. Our skins are thinner and our tempers are closer to the surface. We're worn out. We're kind of over the road.

"Geez, enough majestic beauty," Dave just said about today's lovely Colorado drive.

Like I said, we're over it.

Honestly, we're doing much better than I thought we would. I thought we'd be here about a week ago. And I've actually been holding back, blog wise, about how comparatively awesome we've been doing. We've been eating right, pacing ourselves, keeping our distance from each other in the best way. It took us a while to burn out. But I sure as hell wasn't going to give fate a reason to smack us down at the height of happiness. I know how she rolls. Se's always on the lookout for hubris.

My burnout has started to manifest itself through homesickness. For me, this is something that rarely happens. I like to road. I love being with my family. But lately I've found myself craving Tamale House Migas and a dip in Barton Springs. I'm day dreaming about leisurely walks to the park and actually cooking dinner. Hanging out with (other) family and friends...le sigh.

The thing is, during the home stretch, it's best to keep these thoughts to a minimum. It's also good to try and not think through the remainder of the trip. You have to prevent yourself from watching the clock.

I recently half watched this terrible British movie called "Cashback" starring the guy who plays Wood (Captian of the Griffindor Quiditch team) in the Harry Potter movies. I think the plot of this very boring film was that he could stop time or something. I stopped watching it pretty early on. Anywho the one thing I dug about that movie was their description of the tyranny of the clock. He worked a really lame job, and talked about how if you watch the clock, time will inevitably creep by, like the Baby Bus on a mountain pass. The trick to getting by is to never look at the clock.

It's same out here. Look, it's not that we think the job is lame. We all love playing music. And we mostly love traveling. But we're getting weary. And in order to get through, we've got to stop looking ahead. Stop counting the minutes until we get home.

We've got to be in the moment.

Maybe this is how the Buddah felt man. Maybe he took a really long trip and got all Zen an stuff.

Just kidding! Didn't he find enlightenment sitting under a tree or something? Anyway, I'm over and out for now. Time to stare out the window at yet another spectacular view and repeat my new mantra over and over.

"There's no place like here. There's no place like here."

-- Post From My iPhone

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