Friday, August 20, 2010

The CD's are in!

Behold! The Laziest Girl in Town!

It's coming out October 19th, but you can score pre-release copies at Wheel show. And we'll have pre-release packages available very soon!


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Linda Bacon said...

I don't think I can wait until August 29th! Congrats, Elizabeth. Charles, Starrs (& Griffin) and I are coming, along with some friends. Think we could get y'all to get the Rancho to save us a table in the shade? Should I call Mr. B his own self? We are sure looking forward to seeing you guys. Wanna have breakfast at the San Francisco Yacht Club on Sunday? Drop me a line! Linda

Mrs. Basement said...


Bruce James said...

The link on your webpage says the CD sells for $75. Is that right?