Thursday, August 19, 2010

Open letter to Colorado

Oh Colorado. Such a majestically beautiful state. You're basically one huge mountain range, aren't you?

Which is really cool for people who love incredible views or high altitude hikes or winter sports like skiing and snowboarding and snowshoeing. But for people jut trying to get from gig to gig, your beauty has a darker, more exhausting and terrifying side.

I mean, yesterday on the way to Durango, it took us 3 hours to traverse a mere sixty miles -- what with the uphill climbs and the switchbacks and road work and roads that hugged the edge of cliffs with no gaurdrails in sight. Your views were amazing sure, but you totally wore out our driver, the father of my child, and you kept all of us in the car for way longer than we expected.

And then this morning, we had to traverse your Ouray pass again, but this time in fog and drizzel. And we might have to go over another pass before we get to Breckenridge!

And while we're talking about mountains, let's talk about your utter lack of AT&T service. I know, I know, they have consistently bad coverage. And I had this same total and utter lack of service in many parts of Idaho and Wyoming. But c'mon Colorado! You get way more tourist traffic! And some of us were looking forward to actually being able to check our email and Facebook and all things Internet. And we were depending on you. But I guess the Internet is no match for the mountains.

And of course, your altitudes have us gasping not at the views, but for air!

Look, I love you Colorado! I really do. And I always look forward to visiting you for these tours. But it's our first time touring so hard here with the baby bus, and quite frankly your kicking our asses. We've already been on tour for 3 weeks okay? And worrying about plummeting off a lovely but treacherous two lane mountain road while lightheadedly and fruitlessly trying to check our Twitters is getting to us.

So we've got 4 more days with you. If you could just ease up a bit, that would help us all out.

The Baby Bus

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Anonymous said...

You are almost to Oregon where the roads are flatter, and the elevation only 4000 feet and the weather is perfect. The libarary awesome and we can go to the pool at Broken Top. Can't wait to see you guys!