Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What it's Like to Come Home

I've been On the Road for so long that being home seems like a vacation from reality. My house is like an exotic vacation destination. One that, though it doesn't clean itself like the rooms I stay in when I'm at work, nevertheless is filled with wild extravagances like more than two rooms! and a kitchen! With a stove!  And a yard! And friends nearby!

Recovering from 7 weeks on the road is this long process, one that is taking much longer than I ever thought it would.  It seems that no amount of mindless zoning out to bad tv can fully recharge my severely depleted batteries.

Since we've been home I haven't just been zoning out to "One Life to Live." We've been working.  We did the play in Austin, which was a real treat.  There's no substitute for an Austin audience. Especially if you're in a play that's about both Asleep at the Wheel and the life of Bob Wills.  It was pretty spectacular.

And we've played gigs. They've also been good, but getting to them has been a bit of a drag. The baby bus is waiting patiently for us in California, so we've been using our minivan aka, the Navy, because, it's navy blue and we like the idea that when we're in it we're (cue the Village People) "In the Navy!" It's a good little car, but it had neither room to  walk around, nor does it have a bed, a fridge or a bathroom. Which means we stop a lot, and have to eat road food (bleh!). And there's no where to lay down!  Dude, how do people take car trips?  It's brutal!

One of the few pictures I've taken since we got back to Texas. Dave, Beverly and Lisel at the mini mart! 

So anywho, I'm back. Still weary, but what the hell!  I'm ready to roll again.  Expect to rock with me!

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