Friday, October 1, 2010

Their playing our song(s)

So I'm lying in the back of our minivan, traveling to Madisonville, TX for a gig. The baby is napping. Dave is driving. Beverly is riding shotgun. And I realized I forgot to tell you the good news about the new record. Mainly, that people are playing it on the radio!

This has to be one of the hugest thrills of all time, to know that someone is spinning your record on the the air. That they like it, and think highly enough of it to play it for other folks.

Like our amazing local public radio station, KUT. They've added "The Laziest Girl in Town." to their library, and have even played "Mind of Men"! On the air! And people I know heard it!

And our other amazing local station KGSR! Roger Allen has played "Just Let Go" and "Mind of Men" on his show "Lone Star State of Mind!"

Okay, I'll stop abusing my right to use exclamation points.

And other folks have been playing it too. Mike Trynosky at WCNI in Colchester, CT has played "Gone Solid Gone" and "Mind of Men." Dan Ferguson ar WRIU in Road Island has played "Skeletons in My Closet." Tom Funk at KGLP in Gallup, NM played "Just Let Go." Johnny Simmons at KUSP in Santa Cruz is playing the record. Kay Clements at KWMR is playing the record. Rik James at KGLT in Bozeman, MT is playing the record. Dan Alloway at KTEP in El Paso, TX is playing it. And there are more folks who tell me they will be playing it!

We even made #8 on the Freeform Americana Chart, aka the FAR Chart. (Yes, that is the sound of me tooting my own horn)

It feels good. Real good. And I can't thank these fine DJ's enough for giving us all something to smile about.

And don't forget to get your signed pre-release copy today!

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Fabulous Terrah said...

Is that really you singing??? WOW. Someone recently asked me if I could of been born with any talent in the world what would it be? I said singing. ;-) Beautiful voice my amiga. Beautiful.